PRVNNC helps premium and luxury brands increase brand equity by igniting interest and boosting desire for the brand through various communication platforms, multimedia channels and engaging content.


Using only consonants, PRVNNC stands for Provenance – which means the origin or earliest known history of a brand (or entity), the place of its origin, its lineage, pedigree, its roots… 

All the reasons why the brand was started in the first place, what its creators wanted to achieve, and then how they built upon this ethos to become the luxury brands they are today, with an ever evolving value proposition to new audiences who change with the times… and with new management teams who bring new mutations aligned with the brand’s original core essence.


PRVNNC creates brand awareness, builds brand equity and increases brand desire among a global audience with strategic communication tools, content, platforms and channels…

Through brand education – in the form of workshops, events, quantum string campaigns, collections and travel trips sponsored or informed by theme relevant luxury brands – PRVNNC increases desirability for participating brands, by enhancing or influencing consumer perception of their offerings.

PRVNNC also showcases start-up or lesser known luxury brands so they can become better known in luxury consumer markets. Because we need to know… who will become the next Coco Chanel, Tom Ford or Philippe Starck?


PRVNNC focuses on:

  • Skillfully crafted content delivered through various means on the most apt platforms and channels for that relevant campaign
  • Live event productions and experiences, telling brands’ origin brand story in a unique, very significant and deliberate ways to make memorable impressions
  • Brand education workshops and educational participation events
  • Campaigns and quantum string collections that showcase a certain lifestyle, or aspiration, or outlook
  • Travel trips to countries with high Made In… cachet to live and experience the brands they host and produce, showing brands’ journeys – how they’ve started, evolved and expanded – and have survived through obstacles and changing market tribulations


Every person on earth uses a branded product in some way – every day, no matter what activity – and audiences should know about, and learn about the best of brands to be in a better, more informed position to make decisions regarding what brands would suit their life and values best.

The more people know about the brand, the better they can personally associate with it (or not) and use that to their advantage in business, life, relationships …


  • Because luxury brands use a very different strategy than other ordinary brands, one that elevates life.
  • And because luxury brands bolster feelings of self-worth, confidence, acceptance, and status.


PRVNNC focuses all activities on creating brand awareness and loyalty, thereby strengthening brand equity through digital competitiveness, and offline experiences and events.