PRVNNC stands for Provenance

Using only consonants, PRVNNC stands for Provenance – which means, the origin or earliest known history of something – All the reasons why it was started in the first place, how… its objectives – what it wanted, and still wants to achieve.

In the context of this website it is the:

  • Origins of a luxury brand business, the person/designer/founder, the place of its origin, its lineage, pedigree, its roots… 
  • Origin story of a brand product, a service, or an idea, a concept, an ideal, a trend…
  • Origin of an entity, place, nation or country

PRVNNC showcases luxury brands in bright, bold, tactile ways that invite you into opulent lifestyles, and spaces where you can feel comfortable and inspired, giving you the opportunity to dream of how you fit into the world, or what you want your world to be.

In ancient civilisations, Egyptians, Mesopotamians, Persians, Arabians, Japanese and Chinese… luxury items were highly revered and used as symbols of royalty, property, prestige and power.

And it’s still the same today, just in more other, various and countless forms – and it will never dissipate, because luxury speaks to the very heart of human nature, is speaks to who we are.

Luxury elevates, it uplifts, it puts everyone in a higher class. It has sophistication, taste and elegance. It has power to move…

PRVNNC platforms include: