Blitz Motorcycles + Ralph Loren + RM Williams


Quantum Strings are where two or more brand collaborate in a campaign to show a certain lifestyle.

In the two case studies below, Blitz Motorcycles partnered with two icon brands: Ralph Loren and We Are Outlanders Leather Boots to show their biking lifestyle – with style…

The Project: The Ralph Lauren RRL Riders Tour in Paris

The Lifestyle: Motorcycling

Participating Brands: Ralph Loren, Blitz Motorcycles, The Dampierre Castle , La Vallée de Chevreuse

Ralph Lauren RRL – Ralph Lauren’s brand founded in 1993 offering a mix of selvage denim, vintage apparel and accessories and cool, rugged sportswear with roots in workwear and military gear…

Blitz Motorcycles – a Paris-based custom garage founded by Fred Jourden and Hugo Jezegabel in 2010, that conceives, customises and hand finishes motorcycles to create unique, one-of-a-kind machines

The Ralph Lauren RRL Riders Tour in Paris.

On Sunday, May 25th 2014 ran the first custom motorcycles ride around the RRL universe. 200 motorcycles rode on 99kms, with a departure from Paris, and during 3 hours, paraded and popped in at The Dampierre Castle , La Vallée de Chevreuse, and Versailles, and ended in front of the Ralph Lauren flagship store, boulevard St Germain.

There, the RRL vintage universe welcomed all these beautiful 2-wheels pieces of machinery fanatics in a cool and authentic American ambience.

The St Germain boulevard became a huge luxury garage, where all the participants gathered, and benefited from the “Bike Clinic” for cares and polishings.

This tour was proposed to all the custom motorcycles passionnates, through a registration on the dedicated website (Which does not exist anymore), which selected the most beautiful motorcycled, eligible to compete and make this event the rendezvous of the year.

Project: RM Williams X Blitz Motorcycle Collaboration

When we talk about #heritage it means more than the sum of our history. Heritage is evolution, in design, in sociology, and everything in between. 

RM WILLIAMS and BLITZ MOTORCYCLES have come together to celebrate #heritage in the best way they know how. To collaborate on one bike and two pairs of boots.  

The bike represents a departure in rural Australia from Horses to Motors, and the boots are what Blitz consider to be the best motorcycle boots in the world.  

Both items are drenched in CROC leather and a whole load of elbow grease.

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