PRVNNC is making waves… and a rising tide raises all boats

  • Develop and strengthen your brand positioning among a global audience (or where you prefer) with origin storytelling – repurposed (told) in various ways – text, photo, video, live…
  • Capitalize on the Luxury Brand Management & Communications Institute’s (LBMCI) expertise in global projects.

LBMCI and PRVNNC create extreme value for premium and luxury brands across industries from products and services to brand experiences, from market leaders, individual professionals to startups, worldwide. 

We are experts, we are competent, innovative, and technology driven – and what we do, and how – is why some of the most iconic brands trust us to help them build brand equity and increase their value in the eyes of the global consumer.

In luxury branding, there needs to be a 360-degree marketing experience, to ensure there is no disconnect from one medium to the next, as we all know, media nowadays is not either/or, but rather, all.

So we know what to do and where to do it, who with and how. We have the secret sauce.

Membership is open to all global premium and luxury brands, and high-end service providers and individuals with benefits:

  • Alignment with other similar companies at the top end of the luxury market
  • Get advice on marketing and communication activities, operations and other business function through the monthly industry newsletter and the LBMCI Master Brand series
  • Reach new HNWI and UHNWI consumer markets who are currently outside your normal business sphere
  • Get invited to impressive networking events and top-end luxury experiences and industry conferences
  • Collaborate and connect with other premium companies internationally
  • Get featured and promoted on all PRVNNC platforms, events, roadshow and promotions for as long as you are a member

Monthly Luxury Brand Management and Communication Guidance in Newsletters and Master Brand Series from LBMCI regarding:

  • Improving the luxury experience at all of your customer touch points 
  • Implement more effective and profitable luxury and pricing strategies
  • Identify gaps and opportunities in your communication strategy and learn how to capitalize on new trends
  • Increase your knowledge of how to deliver on extreme value creation
  • Tap into our global customer insights to learn more about why people want luxury and why it will never change
  • Improve your success rate in the world’s leading luxury market: China, and…
  • Learn more about the world’s most emerging markets: Africa and India
  • Become more successful with Millennials, Gen Zs and the 50+ buying powers
  • Discover how to incorporate sustainability and longevity and how to sustain turbulent market trends

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