Strengthen your brand position, and increase brand equity

The need to create experiences that touch the heart of consumers, that literally change them, is of the utmost importance, it’s where the purpose of brands becomes a critical factor, especially their reason for being there, their emotional values, which need to be clear and felt along all touchpoints.

Retail is a critical touchpoint, so are live events, as these are the places where human-to-human, in person interactions happen. This is also the place where brands confirm and strengthen their digital storytelling that initiated the customer journey in the first place…

That thing, that reason which brought them into the store, that thing is what touched the heart of the consumer, that made them go through the trouble and effort to consume content online, enter the store or join the event in the first place – and if sales and marketing teams can find this thing that pushed them through the door, and address those needs and wants, that’s where the brand will be solidified into their hearts.

Perfecting this is where we can help….

LBMCI and PRVNNC create extreme value for premium and luxury brands across industries from products and services to brand experiences, from market leaders, individual professionals, to startups – worldwide. 

We are experts, we are competent, innovative, and technology driven – and what we do, and how – is why some of the most iconic brands trust us to help them build brand equity and increase their value in the eyes of the global consumer.

We support brand clients all around the world, developing strategic measures in creating value for their customers.

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