colors hold the most influence in 2021

Colors are incredibly compelling.

They significantly impact our emotions and how we behave. In certain contexts, their effect is universal, but our perception of color is largely subjective. How we respond to certain hues is dependent on a number of factors, including gender, age and culture.

Joining a palette of earthy, grounding hues, we’re going to see fresh new takes on primary colors like green, blue and orange in 2021.

From cerulean blue and ash green to burnt coral, it’s all about embracing the unexpected. Here are the biggest color trends and top color combinations for 2021, as predicted by leading color experts and paint companies.

The color experts from Pantone, Dulux and Coloro weigh in annually with their predictions for the year ahead. While these trending colors originate in art and interior design, their influence is far-reaching.

2021 colours are:

  • Cerulean: #9BB7D4
  • Quiet Wave #1B7340
  • Burnt Coral #E9897E
  • French Blue #0072B5
  • Marigold #FDAC53
  • Rust #B55A30
  • Green Ash #A0DAA9
  • Brave Ground #F19828
  • Raspberry Sorbet #D2386C
  • Amethyst Orchard #926AA6

10 color combinations that we’ll see everywhere in 2021.

1. Sage and turmeric

2. Brown and red

Via Dulux

3. Pastel green and light blue

Via Nordroom

4. Teal and red


5. Olive and terracotta

Via Pinterest

6. Mustard and wine


7. Petrol blue and blush pink

Via Bed Threads

8. Rust and pink

Via Italian Bark

9. Mustard and blue

Via Nordroom

10. Blue and grey

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