When I arrived in New York the first time, I had the privileged opportunity to visit a private pop-up event at a rooftop bar lounge club not open to the general public, where a lot of unique stories about the 400 year old city and its founding wealth went around, information that not many knew about, shared only among some of New York’s most eloquent and important guests.

It was like entering into a private sanctuary of sheer opulence with the best in decor, music, food and champagne, which was a bit surreal, as we were right in the heart of one the most vibrant, diversely populated cities in the world with millions of people rushing in the streets, and yet, they had no idea of this place’s existence, they had no idea it was right there above them.

And there I was right in the middle with it with my Chanel black dress that gave me the confidence and self-esteem to stand tall and fashionable among these high powers. Although I looked and felt like a million dollars with Coco’s powerful spirit underneath my wings, life for me had always been more about the view and not the goods.

A stunning view from the rooftop, and a point of view, lifting my opinions about almost everything, I can be quite adjudicated… 

This elevated view from the rooftop of one of the highest buildings in the world, was exclusive, rare and artistically inspired by far off, almost invisible to the eye, open landscapes bathed in the sunset, which, later in the night, sparkled with city lights that showed the intrusion and advancement of man, although the bright stars in the sky taunted with the mysteries of the universe of which earthlings knew nothing about.

That night my inspiration for life grew exponentially, and this exclusive experience raised my insights to unprecedented levels. One of Socrates’ quotes came to mind: “Man must rise above the Earth, to the top of the atmosphere and beyond, for only thus, will he fully understand the world in which he lives.” 

Many thoughts rumbled in my mind while looking at the buzzling city below, and one stuck, “The future of each city, each nation, each person, each brand – 5th ave has many shops 🙂 – is found in its history, its provenance.”

But the idea for PRVNNC came only much later. 

Although I think the seeds for it were planted a long time ago without me knowing it then. Maybe at age six or seven, when I was forced by my mother to play the piano (she was a music teacher and singer), and I had to learn about Beethoven, Chopin, Bach, Wagner, Verdi, then later on I recognised her love for the arts and her favourite Renaissance painters, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Angelo, Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Monet…

I did not realise then the cultural foundations she laid down for me, which basically was the love for all the finer things in life, although we grew up poor, but never went hungry. It was more a state of mind, than physical possessions.

It was only when I wrote Mothers Of Dragons in 2020 during Covid-19 lockdowns – when I searched for answers about how the mothers of the most successful people in the world, people who make a significant contribution to humanity, like Elon Musk, Richard Branson, RBG and many others… how their mothers influenced them to become so abundantly successful – when I realised the enormous influence my own mother had on who I had become.

Nor did I realise when growing up, how lucky I was to have an open minded father who asked the heavens countless questions, but when receiving no response, answered them himself during our late-night conversations, he with a good brandy in hand, and me with a glass of milk and honey, which he vowed, would make me sleep better. 

He encouraged me to do the same, to question life, politics, religion and the meaning of it all. He had his own philosophy of life of course which is a subject of another story, but he told me to develop one of my own, which I did, which is again another story which I’m sharing in Keepers of the Flame.

It took time to derive a single one concept of life conclusively, the final idea of a life, one that I can settle on and finally move along with other things, things not so deep, but inspiring to me nonetheless. 

Some of which, journalism (telling other people’s stories) and brand management (promoting other people’s businesses with a curiosity about how they’ve found that one thing with so much conviction to grow into a thriving brand).

I dipped toes in many disciplines and in many industries over the past 35 years, and after long periods of time in journalism, advertising, marketing, public relations and communications, brand management and content creation, I discovered my underlying passions for having a good reputable image, credibility, to have a certain kind of distinguidshedness, etiquette and decorum….

And the importance of branding – in business, products, services and personal branding – the latter, probably the most important.

The time, commitment and effort that growing a brand requires, the long process of creating, designing, manufacturing, testing, taking it to market, promoting it and finally presenting and selling it to a willing customer, are what I came to highly respect.

That’s why I share in PRVNNC other people’s and brands’ accomplishments, informing and educating the world about brands that have made it. Made it big. And made it with poise and dedication.

Their stories show the world what success looks like, and help audiences be inspired by a life they can also obtain. It shows them a better way of living – a pathway to how they have made it.

This feeling of accomplishment is something that luxury brands bestow onto their clients and customers – that, when owning a piece of the brand, shows they have made it too.

I would like to think, I’ve made it too… when becoming a brand expert

I did not really inherit my mother’ brand, her love for music, opera or the arts, design, baking and decorating wedding cakes. But I did inherit these disciplines’ underlying ethos’ that speak of elegance and eloquence, grace and beauty… morals, ethics and integrity, patience, tolerance and dedication to craft.

I also did not quite become the lady she always wanted me to be – a Coco Chanel per se – but I did find my own concept of being a lady which is finding grace in a soulful existence, and respecting who I was, my body, my mind, my integrity, the blessings from the gods and my skills and abilities earned over years of practice.

But what I fully inherited from her, was her love for flowers, frangipani and tulips to be exact – and still today, I bring flowers home to uplift the spirit, and which make me smile each time I pass them – nothing does that better than beautiful flowers.

That is why the imagery in the PRVNNC logo is a frangipani flower, celebrating my mother, and the lineage she left me, which I hope I can take forward, maybe not through my son as he has his own mutations, but through other means in spreading beauty in all its forms.

PRVNNC has started in Pretoria South Africa, which is also the birthplace of Elon Musk – sorry I had to mention it. I just love the man, he’s so prodigious…

But PRVNNC is now made by creative content creators in countries all over the world, on almost all continents and many cities.

PRVNNC is made from many thoughts, ideas, creative collaboration and inspiration from collaborators, associate contributors and member brands – exclusive and exciting content that uplifts, teaches, inspires with the promise of, if you really work hard and smart, you can reach the top – and show and celebrate your success with the world through owning quality brands that became popular through provenance.

Over the years I’ve gone grey with more wisdom and insight, with more knowledge and the magical results that can only come from expertise and dedication.

And just like any brand, I’m still evolving every day to adapt to life’s changes, and continuously looking for new, exciting ways to make a positive impression on the world, and its diverse generations.

All life’s changes at the moment, with new advances in technology and science, mean we can transform (mutate) into anything in future, anything we want, but only the strongest DNA will survive, with new adaptations to the changing environment, which so many luxury brands get right. 

Luxury brands have the power to lead, to dominate – even in unprecedented times. Because of the way they are set-up and formed, how they were built up from their origin heritage, their provenance, and the dedicated teams that strongly believe in its ethos.

Can you survive your current environment? Is your brand’s heritage and ethos strong enough to endure? 

PRVNNC brings relief and escapism to a magical world where people can dream and be inspired, and it is luxury brands that help them do so.

Just as any other luxury brand, it will take time for PRVNNC to fully reach its potential. 

Be patient with this platform while it rises to fame, we take it slow but steady in the upward journey… 

Because it takes time to be timeless…