Founded in Paris in 1828, Guerlain is a story of creative daring and transmission…

Guerlain is a French perfume, cosmetics and skincare house, which is among the oldest in the world.

Many traditional Guerlain fragrances are characterized by a common olfactory accord known as the Guerlinade.

The house was founded in Paris in 1828 by the perfumer Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain. It was run by the Guerlain family until 1994, when it was bought by the French multinational company LVMH.

Its flagship store is 68, Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris.

Since 1828, Guerlain has explored, innovated and perfected Fragrance, Skincare and Makeup.

Daring creators, mythical creations, timeless know-how. Nature and Art as its inspirations. Culture of Beauty as its signature.


Guerlain has always been enchanting the world with its legendary Creations. With House Perfumers, enduring Know-how and favourite ingredients, the Guerlinade – Rose, Iris, Vanilla, Tonka bean, Bergamot and Jasmine. Daring is its hallmark.

Thierry Wasser embodies the fifth generation of Guerlain Perfumers. He explores the world from one season to the next, in search of the natural raw ingredients we hold dear. On his roads of fragrance, we find our exceptional suppliers, who work in harmony with man and nature.

This manufacturing tradition continues in the heart of Cosmetic Valley at two production sites using artisanal expertise and cutting-edge technology. Fragrance is produced in Orphin, Yvelines and Skincare and Makeup in Chartres, Eure-et-Loir.

Since establishing its first factory in the shadow of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris’ Place de l’Étoile neighbourhood in 1828, the House has never left France.

In recognition of its exceptional expertise, the Guerlain House has been recognized as a “Living Heritage Company” (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant). This state-awarded label, issued by the Ministry of the Economy, has been given to the company since first creation in 2005.



In 1828, the founding of Guerlain coincided with the opening of a first boutique at the heart of Paris. Since then, we have cultivated a Boutique Philosophy that we hold dear: welcoming clients to “our places”, offering an unforgettable interlude, revealing and enhancing. Our Boutiques are designed like exquisite jewel cases, crafted by the most talented artists and artisans.

Since 1914, it has been the legendary address that allows Guerlain to shine from Paris to the four corners of the globe. A Temple of Beauty. A Homage to Art. A prestigious and daring expression of the Maison. A place that invites exploration.


For almost two centuries, Guerlain has been in love with everything that beauty encompasses. Thrilled at the idea of an ingenious new pencil stroke. Delighted at each step of creative daring.

Since 1828, the story of Guerlain has gone hand in hand with that of Art. In 1889, Aimé Guerlain composed Jicky like an Impressionist painting. In 1939, Jean-Michel Frank, Christian Bérard and Alberto Giacometti combined their talents and created the interior design of the brand-new Champs-Élysées beauty Institute. For more than 12 years now, Guerlain is also a partner of the FIAC (the International Contemporary Art Fair).


At Orphin, our fragrance production site in the Yvelines department, the “Dames de table” perform the traditional craftsmanship rituals with their skilled hands, using artful barbichage and baudruchage techniques, and applying wax seals. This know-how enhances the most beautiful Guerlain bottles with even more character, making them into works of art.


In 1939, Guerlain opened one of the world’s first beauty institutes on the 1st floor of 68, Avenue des Champs-Élysées.

Today, our Institutes & Spas carry on this tradition of excellence, embodied by settings that are as exclusive as the treatments offered. Designed by renowned architects, they are inspired by the cultural heritage of each location, creating a unique atmosphere. Our treatment protocols are the fruit of Guerlain’s own unique aesthetic expertise and savoir-faire, offering clients around the world a truly exceptional experience.

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